What is Barbarossa?

Barbarossa is a research prototype, 2 phased Trans-Reality Role Playing game developed during a PhD research at the University of the Aegean, Departement of Cultural Technology and Communication. Barbarossa was created for research and educational use only.

Who can play ?

Everyone! Barbarossa Phase I: The Conqueror can be played globally as we developed its scenario to support 2 different leagues of players from where we will invite the best players to participate in Phase II, those near the city of Mytilene and those far from it.

What is Phase II: The Interplay?

Phase II The interplay is an advanced game mode in which the best players of Barbarossa Phase I will participate in. The Interplay includes many novel technologies like Augmented Reality and Real-Time location based game play and requires 3 players to cooperate in order to open a real chest.

Real prizes?

By developing Barbarossa using as center the city of Mytilene we try to get as many local sponsors we can to obtain prizes for all Phase II players. Our final goal is that every player that gets invited in Phase II and participates in a team that completed the "Chest Opening" wins a prize.