Scenario:As mentioned in the Inspiration section, returning from a trading voyage to Tripoli, the boat of Aruj and Ilyas Barbarossa was stopped and plundered by a galley from Rhodes Island, operated by the Knights of St. John. We relied on the above incident and built the following scenario: After the battle with the Knights of the St.John, Ilyas surprising the Knights turned and sailed towards the city of Mytilene. With the help of some traitors he managed to get into the city, close the doors of the castle and conqueror it. He now rules it, being assisted by his two brothers Aruj and Khizr, his fellow pirates and some traitors while a group of liberators around the city steal everything they can from it. The Knights of the St.John have to confront all the above and take over the city again. For that reason they sent forces to the city...

Game Play: In Phase I of Barbarossa all the players act as Knights of the St.John. Their duty is to complete quests around the city and also create quests for other Knights to complete. The players have to maintain a high score that consists of experience points they get by completing quests. Also they have to maintain a high number of Health Potions as the game gets harder as the players progress into it. To gain more potions players have to either complete quests (every quest completion rewards the player with one potion) or create high quality quests to get rating points in order to convert them to potions (every 5 rating points a player is rewarded with one potion). Below there are some short instructional videos on how to register into Barbarossa, complete and create quests.
General rules...
1.Barbarossa can be played anywhere you do not have to be near the city of Mytilene. Players in the city of Mytilene compete in a different leaderboard than the ones that play outside and far from it. Players inside the city of Mytilene are automatically placed (as long as they complete quests near the city) in the "Insiders" leaderboard and players far from the city in the "Outlanders" leaderboard.

2.Players far from the city of Mytilene will get a flat 10 experience points and only compete with out of Mytilene players for Phase II.

3.There are additional skills that your character can obtain currently at 150 and 250 experience and they will appear automatically.

4.Forming teams to create and complete quests is allowed.

5.You can log into your account and complete quests without internet connection if your account was the last logged into the device.

6.Players that get invited and play into Phase II are removed from the leader boards but they can still play Phase I.

7.The first Phase II team invitation will take place in a random time (2-5 days) 5 days after the release of the game in Google Play.When the first team unlocks the chest the next will be invited in a short period of time (2-5 days) and so on until the chest is opened 10 times. Announcements for the teams invitations and Phase II completions will be published in all social groups and the blog of the game.

8.The developers try to reach the best players by e-mail and by announcing their nicknames on the blog and social media. In order to participate into Phase II an account verification (using the e-mails of the players) will be required. If we get no response in an average period of time or account verification fails the next best player will be invited.

9.In the newest patch of Barbarossa "Votes" (that are shown in the videos below) are now reffered as "Ratings". There are no changes in their function into the game just a name change.

Instructional Videos:

Registration and Character Stats. Watch on Youtube

Quest Completion. Watch on Youtube

Quest Creation. Watch on Youtube