Overall scenario: Our second phase game scenario is the next step of "Barbarossa: The Conqueror" scenario and it is called "Barbarossa: The Interplay", This scenario involves a modern Treasure Hunter who discovers (within an old book) some information about a chest filled by the three Barbarossa brothers with their most valuable treasures. According to the book a short period after Ilyas conquered the city the Knights of the St.Jhon managed to take it back. Understanding that the city is lost the three Barbarossa brothers Ilyas,Aruj and Khizr gathered into the castle crypts and hid all their treasures into a chest. The deal was that Khizr would decide where to hide the chest (somewhere in the city of Mytilene) while the other two brothers would lock it with 2 combination locks; The unlocking of the chest would require the presence of all the three brothers. Aruj and Ilyas locked the chest and gave it to Khizr who quickly left the castle to find a hiding spot for it. After Khizr left the Knights found Ilyas and Aruj in the crypts, they got Aruj as a prisoner but Ilyas managed to escape having a knight chasing him. Getting obsessed with the chest and desperate to find more clues, the Treasure Hunter performs a black magic ritual managing to contact the spirits of the Knight who hunts down Ilyas and a Pirate member of Khizr Barbarossa’s crew who tries to free Aruj. ​ The Treasure Hunter commands them (on their dreams) to learn about the combinations of the locks that lock the chest. Meanwhile the Treasure Hunter searches for the chest in the town of Mytilene. To fulfill the overall objective of Barbarossa, all three players should cooperate to discover and open a real/physical chest locked with the two combination locks. ​
Game Explanation: Each of the players have to follow and complete an individual scenario in order to get to open the chest which is the overall goal of Phase II. The player who is enrolled in finding the chest acts the Treasure Hunter and pursues the Treasure Hunt scenario, trying to find a real chest that hidden by Khizr Barbarossa in the city of Mytilene locked with 2 combination locks. The player who acts the Knight pursues the ManHunt scenario to complete the game goal of obtaining the combination that unlocks the one of the two locks that lock the chest. The player acting the Pirate pursues the Set Me Free scenario to obtain the the combination that unlocks the other lock. Upon the successful completion of the ManHunt and Set Me Free scenarios, the system generates a message with the 3‐digit combinations of the locks. ​ All enrolled players need to complete their individual game goals successfully, as those are complementary in their common mission to unlock the chest and fulfill the overall game objective. The game sub scenarios are pursued individually.​ When the Treasure Hunter finds the chest and the Knight and the Pirate have completed their scenarios and got the locks combinations they can unlock the chest and follow the instructions inside it to complete the game and participate to the prize lottery. ​ Below we explain in detail the "Treasure Hunt", "The ManHunt" and the "Set me Free" scenarios.

Treasure Hunt
Role: In the Treasure Hunt the player roams around the city streets of Mytilene, scanning QR‐Codes and consuming energy points to receive a variety of clues (e.g webpages, photos, real location) in order to spot the hidden chest. The Treasure Hunter can also use hints to receive additional information for a clue. Hints number depends on the other two teammates (Knight and Pirate) performance.
Goal:The goal of the Treasure Hunter is to find a the real hidden locked chest that Khizr hid somewhere in the city of Mytilene.
Rules:There are no specific rules in this mode

Role: In the ManHunt scenario the player acts as one of the Knights that found Aruj and Ilyas at the crypts of the castle of Mytilene. Ilyas managed to get away and tries to escape from the city of Mytilene. A traitor that helped him at first to conquer the city is waiting for him in order to help him escape. The Knight player has to stop Ilyas before he meets the traitor. In this mode the Knight uses a custom Android application running Google Maps. On the Google Maps the Knight can observe his position (represented by a Knight marker) and also the moving Ilyas position (represented by a Pirate marker). The Knight has to approach Ilyas in a minimum 60 meter distance and also have eye contact with him to be able to shoot him. Upon killing Ilyas the Knight player will be rewarded with the combination that unlocks one of the locks that lock the treasure chest and additionally automatically sent hints to the Treasure Hunter.
Goal:The goal of Manhunt is to prevent Ilyas from escaping by killing him and get the combination of a lock that locks the treasure chest.
Rules:The Knight player has to kill Ilyas in a minimum 100 meter distance from the Traitor to get the 2 digits of the code. Also the Knight player can sent hints to the Treasure Hunter by killing Ilyas in a 200 to 400 meters distance from the Traitor (will sent 1 hint) or in a 400 meters and above distance from the Traitor (will sent 2 hints).
Set Me Free
Role: In the Set Me Free scenario the player acts as a fellow pirate of Aruj. As mentioned in the main scenario Aruj is held captive by the Knights after they found him and his brother Ilyas in the castle crypts. The Knights being afraid that the fellow pirates of Aruj will try to release him they order two guards to guard him and moving him all the time by changing swifts. The guards though being passionate gamblers decided to roll dices and bet on their swifts.

Set Me Free is a combination of a board game and an Augmented Reality outdoor game that requires the participation of three players which are the Pirate and two Guards. The guards are mainly played by the developers. If the game though attracts bystanders they are welcome to participate as guards into the game. The game is fully relocative as the location of the center is adjusted using the position of the Pirate player. In Set me Free scenario two guards roll a pair of dices until one of them scores a double. When that happens the other guard contracts to guard Aruj and sets Aruj position on the map and starts rolling the dices aiming at scoring a double to pass Aruj to the other guard and so on. Meanwhile outdoors the Pirate player uses a custom AR Android application ​and tries to approach Aruj (his position is changed by the guards when one of them scores a double) in a 20 meter and below distance in order to free him. When the Pirate frees Aruj the guards are informed that he is freed and the Guard that guards Aruj at that moment looses. Also the game rewards the Pirate with the combination of one of the locks that lock the treasure chest and additionally sent automatically hints to the treasure hunter.

Goal: If you are a Guard try to be the one that does not guard Aruj when he is freed in order to get your reward from the chest. Upon setting a position for Aruj a Guard has choose a real position on the Map that is a part of a road. If you are a Pirate try to free Aruj as fast as you can to receive the combination of one of the locks that unlock the treasure chest and also try to achieve a high speed to sent hints to the Treasure Hunter.

Rules:The time it takes for the dices to complete a full roll is automatically adjusted using the maximum speeds of the Pirate players played Set Me Free in the past. The guards can set the position of Aruj in a maximum 120 meter distance from the center of the game.Achieving a speed above 3 and up to 5 meters/second will sent 1 hint to the Treasure Hunter. A speed above 5 meters/second will sent 2 hints to the Treasure Hunter. The Pirate can sent the Treasure Hunter an additional hint by sharing the start of the game on Facebook.