Barbarossa: The Conqueror
Barbarossa the Conqueror was released in Google Play from 28/10/2013 to 28/12/2014 receiving more than 1800 downloads.

The .apk application file can be still downloaded using the link below as the game is still fully functional.
The Conqueror APK

Barbarossa: ManHunt
The ManHunt application of Barbarossa was released in Google Play too but was locked using a 3 digit code, which was changed every time a team was invited into the second phase of the game, so only the Outlander player of every team could unlock it. After the end of the evaluation trials of Barbarossa ManHunt on 25 of June, 2014, ManHunt was unlocked receiving, until 28/10/2014 when it was removed from Google Play, more than 9000 downloads.

ManHunt APK

Barbarossa Statistics

Complete official statistics files provided by Google Play Developer Console about The Conqueror and ManHunt application can be found at the link below

Barbarossa Statistics

Barbarossa Promotion

From the start of its evaluation Barbarossa raised the interest of many publishers. The places that Barbarossa was discussed are presented below.

Dr. Android

Greece Android